Learning how to Perfectly Serve a Ball in Tennis

Learning how to Perfectly Serve a Ball in Tennis

A good game of tennis always require a start with a good serve. So it becomes more important for the beginners to learn how serve tennis ball properly to get a good hand in the game. And thankfully, this is not that hard to master in it. It take a hell lot of patience and determination of the person learning the game and if done properly won’t take much time to get perfect in your tennis serves.

Not only using the best tennis products will get you in getting good in game but you have to practice a lot to get upto that level of perfection. Keep on reading the article as we are going to talk about how serve tennis ball rightly and get the best out of your game.

So basically there are three different types of serves that you can try – Slice, Flat and Kick. But as this is the beginning we will keep our concentration on the flat serve. This type of serve is known for its power of delivery. And due to this reason it is popular in between the professionals. Upon making a contact a minimum amount of spin is generated in this type of serve.

Take a note of these points whenever you are opting for the flat serve:

a. Get your body ready in the right position

While getting ready for the serve one should stand at the right place, which is standing sideways with your left foot facing net’s opposite post. And while doing this the right foot must be parallel to the court.

b. Adjust the grip on the racquet as per the serve

While serving, this acts as the most important element to judge what will be the impact of your serve. In case of having a flat serve, you should opt for continental grip. One should handle the racquet perpendicular to the ground. The pointer finger should be on the racket’s first bevel. And there should be ‘V’ shape formed between your thumb and index finger.

c. Getting the ball tossed

Once you are ready with the perfect position, it is the perfect time to toss the ball and get the racket to your back. To make it easy for you, toss the ball in front of you and high to have a good view of the ball as you get to send the ball to the the opposite side of the court.

d. To demonstrate impressive power with the serve, you just don’t need to raise the racket. Get the racket raised up to the back of your head, and while bending slightly pretend that back being stretched.

e.As per you release the ball, hit it at the highest possible point where you can hit in terms of power.And during this don’t forget the importance of follow-through for pace and speed of ball.

Hope you got some basics of how serve tennis ball so that you can master the game with some efforts and patience. If you have any doubts or suggestion for us feel free to contact us.

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