Backyard Tennis Courts- A fun area to spend leisure time

Backyard Tennis Courts- A fun area to spend leisure time

Once upon a time the definitive backyard toy and centerpiece of family fun was the swimming pool. Summer days spent swimming and splashing around gave kids of all ages a place to stay cool and have fun with friends and family. While the pool still has its place, backyards everywhere are upgrading their game to include a multitude of games courtesy of our backyard game courts. At Outdoor Courts Ltd, we’re promoting a backyard culture where basketball courts, tennis courts, putting greens and more are always in play. Choose your game, and we’ll literally help you bring it home.

Our multi-purpose game courts are committed to the concepts of family bonding and health. If it’s true that the family that plays together stays together, then the installation of a game court is a positive step towards reinforcing family unity. Our courts offer 15 different games ranging from basketball and tennis to pickleball, volleyball, dodge ball, badminton, and more as well as a host of court accessories. Our surfaces were designed specifically to reduce stress and fatigue and to absorb impact, preventing injuries and soreness and encouraging your child to stay active. Furthermore, each court’s suspended tile flooring ensures better traction and a more consistent bounce off the dribble, ensuring maximum performance each time a family member takes the court.

Of course if you’re going to add a backyard game court you’ll want to do it in a style that represents you and your family in a unique way. To that end a number of custom design options are available, and not just concerning size and layout. Each court is available in a variety of colors, and can also be fitted with the logo of your favorite sports team. And with a number of optional court accessories to choose from including fencing, lighting, adjustable net systems, and more you’ll enjoy a surface and an experience custom made to your specifications each time you step onto the court. And with turnkey installation, construction of your custom designed court is always completed in a timely fashion.

Imagine a scenario whereby you enhance the quality of your leisure time and your home while providing a gathering place for fun with family and friends. It’s a win anyway you look at it, and as simple as designing a custom court designed with your family’s lifestyle and home layout in mind. For other generations it was the swimming pool. For a new generation the backyard game court is the gateway to family bonding and health. Let the games begin!

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